Tuesday, 9 September 2014

NSW State Championship Swimming Photo Highlights

Short course season changes the game for me quite a bit. With only 25 metres to catch a front on Fly shot, I'm lucky if I get one attempt. The older kids (and I mean over 12yrs) get most of the way down the first 25 without a breath.

Breaststroke is still ok so long as the swimmer does the slow glide and not the quick bob up and down. Some swimmers do not come out of the water much at all, then they are just a head on top of the water but at these State Champs, we had some pretty stylish swimmers. 

The great thing about short course is that we can get pretty close up shots at some points where is would have been almost impossible in long course. If I had to be at the end of the pool ready for the fly, there is no way I would have time to get the dive shot first before running 50m to the end of the pool. Also, even with the 300mm lens, the 50m pool is too long for the backstroke start shot.

Poolside shots are one of my favourite to shoot so I was glad that I had a few this time.

Relays are usually a challenge. Photograph swimmer 2 lane 8 then swimmer 3 lane 1. My hand (where I write all of my people to shoot) ends up looking like a 2 year old got loose with a marker and scribbled a bunch of numbers down. 

This time, I got to photograph an entire team relay so that was different. We came up with these new Relay Combo Prints to best display them and there are already off the chart requests for them for upcoming meets. 

Decided to change up my shoot timing a bit for variety and ended up with this. One of my favourite shots of the weekend:

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