Speedo Sprints - Event Swim Action Photography

Swim photography is not just about capturing the strokes, although that is fun too. For me, I like to capture moments inside and outside the pool.

The tension as a team mate is swimming a close race. Sheer joy or occasionally disappointment after a tough swim.

This weekend, I am the official photographer for the SMNE Speedo Sprints. A big challenge because it is an indoor venue and the light is low. 

Sometimes the swimmers didn't breathe, especially in the 50's. Other times they breathed away from me. 

There were no breaks. Just 8 hours of walking around the pool taking shots.

I don't really have a sports camera, so I had to rely on timing. My 200mm lens meant that I could only shoot 4 lanes...I really needed two of me!

My memory cards filled up quickly, (approx 40GB) even with reviewing and deleting. I was able to download a card on to my portable hard drive whilst I filled the next card but I was nervous deleting the images from the card so that I could use it again. 

Despite all of the technical issues, I thought it worked out ok.

I will be shooting at SOPAC again this weekend at the District Sprint Qualifying Meet so I may see you there!

The participating teams were excellent...some of these were; Abbotsleigh Swimming Club, Carlile Swimming Club, Knox Pymble Swimming Club, Ku-ring gai Swimming Club, Lane Cove Swimming Club, Northbridge Swimming Club, North Sydney Swimming Club, Hunters Hill Swimming Club, Ravenswood Swimming Club, Terrey Hills Swimming Club, Warringah Swimming Club and Willoughby Swimming Club.

Happy Swimmers
There are around 1,400 images in all available on my website. If you are interested in purchasing prints/jpegs, just email me for the password...nina@ninabeilby.com...thank you :)


Hirsita Dixit said…
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Action camera said…
I love those shots, well if you want to take a good action shot from swimming sports then you really need a water proof case camera to also help you take good angle even in underwater.

Beautiful posts thank you for sharing……

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