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Blue Spring Te Waihou Walkway - No Longer A Secret

Well, this glorious Spring used to be a well kept local secret. Not any more. A walkway has been built, a viewing deck and bathrooms installed.  Even the roads to the Spring are being upgraded as we speak to cope with the influx of tourist traffic heading here. I hope people are respectful so that it will remain a sacred and beautiful place for a long time to come.

Such a peaceful place. I could sit here and meditate for hours. There is something wonderfully spiritual about it.

After a very short walk, you are rewarded with a lovely waterfall. This little section is no longer on the walkway and gets muddy and slippery so bring appropriate shoes. Especially if you want to climb rocks and hang from trees to take photos like I did!

Look for Rose Milligan's poem engraved on plaques placed on 4 large boulders on your way out from the trail. It is so appropriate and meaningful for this amazing and peaceful place.

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